Open work Permits Available for Family and Dependents

Do you have family members or dependents living in Canada and are eligible Interim Pathway applications? Good news is that the Canadian Government is issuing open work permits for this group of individuals. The candidates must:

  • Be residing in the country
  • Eligible for restoration status
  • Possess work permits

The Canadian government has pointed out the applicants and their families will have to undergo the due process. For instance, they have to pay work permit processing fee, which is currently going for $155. However, they will be exempted from paying an open permit holder fee, which currently stands at $100.

According to the Canadian immigration department, the country initiated this temporary program on 4th of March in order to curb the shortage of caregivers. Importantly, on November 30, 2014, Canada had experienced an influx of caregivers who arrived in the country to cater for people with high medical needs or children. Since that time their fate in the country has been unknown because they had not secured permanent residency. However, with the initiation of this new program, most of them will be absorbed in the Canadian workforce and citizenship. The process will remain open to potential applicants up to June 4, 2019. Those whose application will be after the deadline will not be reviewed.

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