Despite the coronavirus pandemic, IRCC is taking the first tentative steps to resume virtually unavailable services. The new protocols and procedures are currently under scrutiny to determine their efficiency in providing in-person services during the pandemic. Starting September 21, Immigration, Refugees and Citizens Canada will be providing the following services;


Vancouver Expo will be re-opening to select citizenship-related services, including Citizen knowledge re-testing and citizen hearing. The services will only be available by appointment, which the IRCC schedules by mail.

Permanent Residence

For all permanent residence-related related services, the IRCC will re-open Etobicoke, Ontario, Quebec, and Montreal offices. The IRCC schedules card pick up and permanent residence interview appointments through an email.


IRCC branch offices in Calgary, n Edmonton city , not to mention those inHamilton, and Niagara Falls will re-open for limited asylum services. The offices will be re-opened for Candidates who need to pick up or submit their documents or provide their biometric data. The services are available only on appointment, which the IRCC schedules via epost, Canadas online post service. If the preliminary is successful, IRCC aims at providing more asylum services in Vancouver (Hornby), Montreal, and Etobicoke.

A client’s invite by the IRCC to book an appointment is a factor of their file status, location in Canada, among others. Application dates also affect client selection. A client needs to have a scheduled appointment from the IRCC to be eligible for these services.

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