Biometric Appointments

There is a group of permanent residents in Canada waiting to provide their biometric information. Service Canada will contact them for a biometric appointment in the next few months. However, it might not be the same case for people in areas such as the Greater Toronto Area. These areas have more people waiting to provide their biometrics; thus, they might have to wait longer.

These times are hard for the candidates and Service Canada appreciates their impressive patience. They are working tirelessly to ensure they contact each candidate as soon as possible. If you had a representative apply on your behalf or need to change your contact information, you are allowed to change your details. All only need to visit the IRCC website and update the changes.

Keeping Safe in the IRCC Offices.

The following measures are put in place to protect the IRCC clients and staff from contracting coronavirus;

Candidates should ensure they fill a Health Canada Assessment questionnaire before coming for the appointment.
Candidates will have to answer these questions yet again upon arrival to determine their eligibility to enter the premises.
All regulations regarding the pandemic, including wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate social distance, will be strictly followed. Besides, the candidates will be required to follow the signs put in place to direct foot traffic.
In case of any sign of illness, the candidate will have to reschedule the appointment.
On March 18, IRCC temporarily shut down immigration services in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Though the services were a little less, they did a lot to offer virtual services where possible.

Moving Forward

Safety comes first. Therefore, the Public Health Agency of Canada and regional health authorities have set some regulation guidelines to facilitate safety operations. The IRCC continues to observe the already re-opened offices that offer in-person services. A proper evaluation will help them plan for more services re-opening in the near future.

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