Two upcoming events In October 2020 will adjust the future of Canada’s immigration culture. First, expect a letter of mandate from Justin Trudeau (Canada’s prime minister) to Marco Mendicino (immigration minister) that will entail new immigration policies of Canada. This letter will be released in the first week of October.

Another event is Canada’s new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. This program will be announced before 30th October and will highlight the new permanent residence options in the coming three years.

The New Letter of Mandate on Canadian Immigration

The Canadian Government authorizes the prime minister to outline recommendations that they would like the respective cabinet ministers to pursue. Thus, Justin will give a directive letter to Merco that’ll assist in running activities of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

Since this is a unique time in Canada, Justin will release a second Immigration letter of mandate in less than a year. The letter of mandate is normally issued to respective ministers every 2-4 years. They are issued at the start of a new government and when the minister is re-assigned to another role.

Last month, the prime minister concluded the last assembly of Canada’s parliament in an effort readjust the government’s roles owing to the COVID19 crisis.

Canadian’s government new responsibilities were announced on 23rd September in the throne speech that set off a new parliament session. The speech officially emphasized Canada’s major objective of welcoming more visitors to boost its economic welfare.

Like 2019, the new mandate letter to the immigration minister may become available from early next week. On Dec 5th last year, the throne speech was followed by the release of mandate letters on 13th Dec.

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