The Immigrant Future project has listed some of the cities or communities that have played a key role in improving immigrants’ lives in Ontario. Under the Ryerson University umbrella, the forum informs the public about “Good Ideas” meant to help immigrants blend in, land jobs, and live the lives they have always wanted in Canada.

It means that being an immigrant doesn’t have to be a hindrance to a great life. This is easy to believe since many newcomers have started new lives in various Canadian cities, regardless of whether they are big or small, and thrived.

Below are ten of the cities in Ontario that Immigrant Future listed.

1. Hamilton

In Hamilton, several community groups are working together to end various hate crimes that may affect immigrants. Previously, they used the hashtag “#HamiltonForAll,” and although they have stopped using it, they are still super active.

Hamilton, ON.

2. Ottawa

The Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre has made life easier for new immigrants by providing culturally sensitive medical services. They even have trained language interpreters to facilitate communication between immigrants and healthcare providers.


3. Guelph

With the support of Jim Estill, a prominent entrepreneur, and Danby Canada’s CEO, Danby Canada started a volunteer program to help 50 Syrian refugee families settle and get by. Additionally, they created ‘Ease into Canada’ under which newcomers are supposed to learn essential language and business skills for 90 days.

Guelph, Ontario Canada

4. Owen Sound

Owen Sound is home to the Arden Language Centre, which was started by a local couple in 2016 to help newcomers improve their English. The program also organizes community events to allow immigrants to interact with the locals and bond.

Owen Sound

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