Canada has always been one of the most popular countries for students across the globe. The country has become synonymous with bright prospects in every avenue of life be it education, economy, standard of living, culture, as well as job opportunities.

Pursuing higher education in a Canadian university is a sure-shot way of achieving success in all your future prospects. Moreover, the country’s fair and systematic employment processes make it quite worthwhile for you to consider a career in Canada after graduating from a Canadian university. Although, you must realize that there is a difference between working on a temporary job during study and seeking a serious career in Canada. This is why it is important for you to be very careful while choosing your field of graduation, as this is something that will eventually determine your job profile in Canada.

Which Fields Offer The Highest Paying Jobs in Canada?

The most popular job fields chosen by students after graduating from a Canadian university include dentistry, therapy and rehab, forestry, veterinary medicine, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, computer sciences, business and commerce, law, and engineering. These jobs also constitute as being the highest paying jobs in Canada, with dentistry ruling at the top.

What Are The Best Jobs in Canada?

Some of the best and most sought after jobs in Canada include the positions of mining and forestry manager, oil and gas drilling supervisor, air traffic controller, statistician and actuaries, engineering manager, public administration director, power systems operator, health & community service manager, mapping technologist, and senior business manager. All these Canadian jobs come with a promising annual salary, with the profile of mining and forestry manager topping the list. Some of these most sought after Canadian jobs also have a high demand for openings, while a few others often match the position demands.

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