When drafting a job offer letter one needs to understand certain intrinsic points that can add value to the letter. Here are certain aspects that need to be considered while you draft a job offer letter.

  • A job offer letter starts with a message of congratulations and a sincere welcome to the new employee. This helps start the working relationship off on a positive and encouraging note.
  • Job offers letter should contain as much as details about the job and the company as possible without exaggerating on the merits and rewards of the job or the company.
  • The employment offer letter should be informative and should serve as a concise guide to terms of employment, responsibilities of the successful applicant, rules and regulations of the company and pay stipulations with utmost transparency.
  • Letting the successful candidate know the reason for them being chosen to fill the vacancy helps your new employee start his or her career at your firm or place of business with an understanding of the skill sets and talents that you intend for him or her to put to liberal use. It also notifies the employee of his or her strengths which is encouraging for an applicant starting tenure in new environment. This means that every job offer letter needs to be personalized and one size doesn’t fit all the incoming employees into your firm or place of business.
  • One should understand that the offer letter is a legally binding contract of employment that protects both the interests of the employee and the employer. As such; one should consult with the legal expert at the firm or the company lawyer before drawing up an offer letter to ensure that the contents of the letter are legal binding in keeping with local laws and ordinances under the gambit of employment.

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