A high rise window cleaning job is one of the most toughest and dangerous jobs in the maintenance industry. In the last two decades there has been a drastic increase in high rise buildings in Toronto, consequently increasing a demand for high rise cleaners in the country. Take a look at the various factors that influence your job as a skyscraper cleaner in Toronto –

What does the Skyscraper Cleaning Job Involve?

  • Physical Strength – High rise window cleaning requires a lot of strength and skills, as it requires you to do your job hanging from great heights. Being a skyscraper in Toronto comes with its own set of challenges, but the same job also lets you earn up to $200 a day.
  • Risks & Adversaries – The risk factor involved in the Skyscraper cleaning job makes it completely different from any normal window cleaning job. As a high rise cleaner, you will have to work on heights as high as 300 meters overcoming a whole lot of adversaries. The summer season in the skyscraper cleaning job has its own challenges. Apart from the scorching summer heat, you might also have to deal with bugs that can cause a whole lot of disturbance in your work. On windy days, it can become quite difficult for you to carry on, and thereby pause your work day to resume it the next day.

  • Strict Training – In order to commence your job as a skyscraper cleaner, you will have to undergo strict training. The training will help you learn several tactics to clean windows properly, along with taking care of all crucial safety measures. Once you are done with the training, you will be tested on your abilities to perform as a high rise cleaner. Only if you succeed in handling the heights at your job, will you be considered suitable for the job. Otherwise, you will be left with an option to join the team of cleaners, who handle the ground work on the buildings.
  • Versatility – Your job as a skyscraper cleaner will at times require you to work in pairs and at times singly. It actually depends upon the size of the building, as to how you are required to clean them. For instance, working on a large building, you will have to work in pairs. Moreover, your earning will also depend upon the size of the building, as you will be paid in an equivalent of the portion of the building cleaned.

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