The ideal way to land a permanent residence in Canada is to ensure a great job opportunity in Canada. And, in order to increase the chances of getting a high-paying job in Canada, you must enroll yourself to graduate from a good college or university in the country. This is something that will instantly increase your chances of staying in Canada with a range of opportunities coming your way.

Best Degrees in Canada According to Royal Bank of Canada –

Recently, the Royal Bank of Canada came up with a list of the 10 best degrees in Canada for international students. Take a look at the broad categories of these degrees to find out the most suitable career options for you in Canada –

  • Degrees in Engineering –

 If you have a strong background in science and math, and wish to make a career in engineering, you must go for any of the engineering degrees listed by the RBC. Out of the 10 best degrees in Canada, the 4 best happen to involve engineering including Civil engineering, Specialized engineering, Software engineering, and Chemical & Petroleum engineering. While opting for any of these engineering degrees, you might even get a chance of internship along with studies that will benefit you in the long run while seeking a job in Canada.

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