It was in 2016, when the ratio of senior population in Canada crossed that of children in the country. From many years, Canada is facing the challenges of an aging population that is made even worse due to a lees number of children born in the country. In this scenario, where the life expectancy of Canadians is witnessing a rise, the government is seeking ways to solve this problem.

Moving to Canada Easier than Ever Before

One of the most important steps taken by the Canadian government to resolve the issue of an increasing older population in the country involves welcoming more and more immigrants in the country. In order to make this step as a viable solution for this issue, the Canadian government is even relaxing many of its immigration policies. Hence, from now onwards, moving to Canada is expected to become much easy than ever before!

More Immigrants – The Viable Solution for a Better Economy!

It is a well-known fact that an aging population consequently affects the economy of any nation. When the ratio of older population crosses the number of younger population in any country, the economy is bound to be adversely affected. Similar is the case with Canada, whereas per a study, one in four persons will be aged over 65 by the year 2031. The older the people, the lesser they are able to contribute to the country’s economic scene. Hence, the government of Canada is following up a plan to get in more immigrants in the country than ever before so as to fix this misbalance of the age factor among the citizens. The Conference Board of Canada had already announced a report that talked about allowing 450,000 immigrants in Canada by November 2018.

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