Starting from July 31st this year, most of the Canadian immigration applicants will have to provide their biometrics as per the new policies regulated by the government of Canada. The new regulations set up by the Canadian government cover all Canadian immigration applicants including students, individuals looking for work permit, permanent residence and even those who are here on visitor visa. From 31st July this year, it is compulsory for all these immigration applicants to provide their fingerprints as well as a photograph.  


Important Features of These New Regulations –

  • This new regulation also has a special mention for individuals who visit Canada on a regular basis on visitor visa, for study or work permit. As per this regulation, these applicants are only required to give in their biometrics once in ten years.
  • The Canadian government is said to implement these new rules for the residents of European, African, and Middle East countries from July 31. 
  • Whereas, residents of US, Asia, Asian Pacific countries will have to follow the same regulation for Canadian immigration application starting from December 31, this year.
  • There are a number of exemptions from this regulation, which include; children below 14 years, individuals above 79 years, State or Government heads, accredited diplomats, UN nationals on official visit to Canada, Cabinet ministers, and applicants who have a valid ETA.

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