Quebec is going on an immigration intake spree. The strategy is similar to the Express entry with a new interest expression system. This interest expression setup deals with the candidates profiles who are seeking entry to the province through Quebec’s skilled worker program.

In January 2015, Quebec launched Federal Economic Immigrant Management system, so the new strategy was no surprise, it was very much expected. Now the Immigration Ministry of Quebec is planning to come up with its own version of express entry. The ministry has made this very clear. This economic immigration plan of Quebec is intended to give a big push to the economic growth of the province.

Quebec has a distinct immigration system and the province is all set to launch its new program. The new Interest expression system is almost ready to replace the conventional application process (which operated on the basis of first-come, first-serve) for QSWP and the faulty application portal of Quebec. However the portal will continue to receive applications from temporary Quebec residents and applicants (cap- exempt QSWP) with an offer of employment until the new Interest expression system is operational. The mechanism is expected to be functional shortly. All efforts are on.

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