Cover Image Copyright: Tom Franssen / Flickr

The idea of the CN Tower arose from the Canadian National Railway’s 1968 Stydy, and the urge to construct a huge TV & radio platform to serve Toronto’s metropolitan area, all the while, exhibiting Canada’s Industrial Competitiveness to the rest of the World.

It certainly rivalled the elevation of similar towers, such as the Ostankino Tower. even when it was still just under constructio in 1975,  turning it into the tallest non-residential structure in the world, for the next 30+ years.

Toronto’s CN Tower additionally contains a metal staircase, consisting of 2,579 individual flights, This is most certainly the tallest metal staircase on in the world!

The CN Tower’s crown as the world’s tallest pinnacle, has been outshined only in 2007 by the (who else then) Burj Khalifa (previously known asBurj Dubai).

Since 2007 CN Tower has been consistently outperformed similar towers, such as the Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower, following next years.

In the period from 2010 to 2013, CN Tower’s supremacy as the world’s tallest Non-Residential Tower is diminishing exponentially as no less than (7) Towers recently developed, are all set to surpass CN Tower’s height of 533 meters.

Despite all of these new developments, Toronto’s Landmark CN Tower shalll remain the tallest Non-Residential Tower at least in the Western World, Toronto’s Best Recognizeable Landmark and a Testament to Canada’s Engineering Efforts and Building Supremacy.

How to find CN Tower ?

You can find the CN Tower while in Toronto by simply looking at the sky..