Did you know that approximately 1.07 million Canadian students are also part-time workers? These findings are according to a 2019 study. It makes you realize that today’s companies are willing to offer you equal benefits like full-time employees.

Employee discounts, health, and dental insurance, flexible choices on the schedule are some of the benefits you are likely to receive as a part-time student worker. Let’s not forget that some companies might also offer you subsidized stock prices and even cover your tuition fees. So, as a student, you don’t have to lose your sleep over compromising your studies when looking for a part-time job in Canada.

Why companies will offer you benefits as a part-time student employee

Most companies want you to learn and grow with them professionally. These benefits encourage you to stay loyal to your employer even after completing your studies. It works to the benefit of companies because it reduces their turnover rates. So, you end up gaining experience and securing a long-term full-time job.

In Canada, do you need to have a permit for part-time work?

Suppose you are an international student. You must ensure your Canadian student visa is always updated and ready when looking for a part-time job. For an on-campus job, you don’t require a work permit. However, a work permit for an off-campus job or an internship is required.

Here are the best part-time jobs in Canada for you

Writing and translation work

Are you an international student, and apart from English, do you have other languages as your native languages? Or do you have a high fluency level in other languages? You can make some extra bucks by becoming a translator while still pursuing your degree or master’s.

You can choose between going the freelance way or the part-time office way. Approximately $14 per hour at the beginning level and $55 at the expert level are waiting for you.

Do you have confidence in your unmatched writing skills? A freelance writing job is waiting for you. As a freelance writer, you can earn as much as $60 per hour. You don’t have to limit your writing projects to Canada because you can also find such projects on other global platforms.

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