Night-time hotel auditor

You are a busy student taking your lessons during the day with nothing to do during the night. Take advantage of such free time by working in a hotel as sort of a receptionist. Are there any qualifications for this job? You need to be familiar with accounting and basic mathematics.

Your job description includes some bit of book-keeping and completing the necessary paperwork. Don’t forget that the hotel management also expects you to help guests in any way possible for this role. You can earn approximately $29 per hour.

Cafeteria job

If you don’t mind working at your university’s café, you can receive handsome payments of around $30 per hour working as a cafeteria attendant. This pay is way better than what you can earn at regular restaurants. The advantage of signing up for this job is that you don’t need much experience. Plus, you enjoy the additional free meals.


Content editor, dog walker, fitness instructor, and taking passengers for rides are additional part-time jobs that you can do in Canada as a student. To get a work permit in Canada, you must study for six months, after which you can work for up to 20 hours off-campus. Our advice is you take advantage of the inter-semester breaks and work full-time.

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