For Canadians living in Saskatchewan, the latest report from Statistics Canada should be welcome news. According to their Labour Force Survey, the province is among those leading the charge in returning to pre-COVID levels of growth and employment.

Unemployment Rates Down, Job Prospects Up

Down nearly 3% from last year’s figures, and 0.5% from the national average, unemployment in Saskatchewan has been falling and is poised to continue that trend. For major population centers like Saskatoon and Regina, that number is even lower and citizens are beginning to see a return to pre-COVID levels of employment. This boon comes at the heels of massive growth in healthcare and related industries, boasting over 8,000 jobs added to the local economy. The trade and construction industries also contributed to labor demand, adding over 12,000 new jobs combined.

Who’s Benefiting From This Growth?

While the majority of those finding new employment are men between 25 to 54, other demographic groups are finding success in the Saskatchewan job market as well. Among the Indigenous population, unemployment has dropped over 1% and total employment levels have hit an all-time high for the group. Female unemployment is also at a low point, dropping nearly 2% from last year’s figures.

Growing Demand for Labor Spurring Immigration Drive

With growth in both the nation and the province back on track, demand for labor is rising. This is good news for prospective immigrants, as Canada is looking to increase their yearly quota by 10,000. Saskatchewan specifically has also recently launched a new program to help bring high skilled immigrants into its borders.

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