Recent travel restrictions have forced the Canadian government to rethink its immigration policies. New initiatives are targeting immigrants who are living, working or attending school in Canada in order to comply with the current travel restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of Covid. In short, the Canadian government is now providing fresh incentive for those who have spent at least a year living there to start applying for full Canadian citizenship as soon as possible.

Much weight is given to immigrants already living there, and Canadian officials are definitely depending on them to help their government reach its goal of roughly 401,000 permanent residents by the end of the year 2021. It is projected that by reaching this high number, Canada will finally be able to rise out of the economic slump it is currently in due to last year’s global pandemic. Since Canadian culture has always been welcoming to people from all over the world, things seem to be looking good so far in meeting that important goal.

Job Loss and a Staggering Economy: How New Immigration Measures Can Help

With unemployment still ravaging the country, Canada is holding fast to its hospitality in welcoming foreign residents to seek full citizenship. Their industrial sector understands that having new people living there will help to fix a staggering economy by creating jobs. And with jobs creation comes recovery and eventual economic solvency in the years to come. But with pandemic related restrictions still looming, Canada is seeing a decline in travel, which leads to the need to focus permanent residency efforts on those who currently reside there.

Even those who had been previously approved for a Confirmation of Permanent Residence since las March are still facing these challenges, and it appears that Canada’s travel restrictions in light of Covid just aren’t helping at all. Even those who got their COPR are having similar difficulties, with exceptions to those who are essential workers, international students and relatives of those who are already living and working there. These and other special circumstances have motivated the government to seek alternative answers to the question of achieving their immigration goals for the end of 2021.

Why Experience Matters

Those who have spent a minimum of one year living, working and studying in Canada are the most likely people to have knowledge by experience. They have lived and breathed local customs and culture to the point where they should be fully integrated into Canadian society by now. All gave had their own personal reasons for wanting to come to Canada to live, such as finding something that they might enjoy about local culture. Most have learned fluent French and English, the two most dominant languages within the region.

Thankfully, living in Canada has gotten relatively easier for those from abroad. There are more options now than ever for anyone who is looking to become a permanent resident in Canada. Below are a few of the examples and what they can do for those who are gearing up to become full Canadian citizens by the end of this year.

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