What You Will Need to do as a Traveler

There is talk that there will be restrictions throughout the world on travel. That includes in the United States. These limitations do not seem to be relieved soon. Of course, once the reopening has been finalised that is expected to change.

There are international flights coming to Canada but the government is only allowing this at 4 airports. There are restrictions for you if you are coming into Canada. You should be prepared to have a COVID-19 test result, and have taken that test within seventy-two hours of arriving in Canada. Also, you will need to take another test once you have arrived.

The government has approved hotels for all international travellers to quarantine in. If you are expecting to do business in Canada, you should arrive more than fourteen days in advance. You will be required to stay 3 days at the hotel. On day 8, you will be required to take another test. The quarantine does not apply to essential travellers.

Who is Allowed in Canada?

The restricted people to Canada are the residents and citizens of Canada and their families. There are some exceptions. That is if you are an essential worker or an international student, you may enter. The university must have a COVID-19 readiness plan.

There are certain protected people and those who are coming for compassionate reasons are also exempt. Regardless, you will have to meet with the Canadian border service officers before entering.

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