5. North Bay
Immigrants in North Bay are eligible for loans of up to $5,000. This makes it more comfortable for them to pay for various credentials and training required to work in various fields. The loan attracts a 7% interest rate and should be repaid within three years.

North Bay

6. Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay has been transforming the lives of immigrants through the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association that helps potential employers find them. The city has also created an effective job search engine that links employers and immigrants in northeast Ontario.

Thunber Bay Ontario

7. Peterborough

The Newcomers Kitchen in Peterborough teaches immigrant women crucial skills about being safe in the kitchen and handling foodstuffs. It was started by the New Canadians Centre back in 2016, but then, it helped them learn English and a few handy business skills.


8. Peel Region

The Rural Employment Initiative in Peel Region was started to curb the problem of unemployment among immigrants. It helps newcomers spot job opportunities, depending on their skills, and make the most of them.

Peel Region

9. Windsor

The WE Value Partnership is a community initiative in Windsor. It works with different partners to help immigrants access local service providers whenever they need to, facilitating newcomer success.


10. Toronto

The Scadding Court Community Centre in Toronto launched Business Out of the Box. The latter helps upcoming investors, even if they are newcomers, to use shipping containers to start their small businesses. This enables them to grow and expand into larger businesses over time.

Immigrants can lead better lives with the help of different cities in Ontario. To view other cities with “Good Ideas” for immigrants, visit the Cities of Immigration page.


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