Are you an immigrant hoping to become a permanent Canadian resident? There are different provinces you can immigrate to. The process might be less complicated than you think, as long as you meet the requirements of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) you are interested in.

It is important to note that apart from Quebec and Nunavut, all the other Canadian territories have PNP–specific pathways or streams available for immigrants. A stream could be ideal for you, depending on whether you can meet a certain need of the province you want to live in. There are about 80 different streams that you can consider, apart from those in Quebec and federal ones.

When identifying a PNP or PNP-specific stream that suits you, you have to consider certain factors. These include:

  • Work experience
  • Your current situation
  • Your set of skills
  • Whether or not you have a job offer

Below are some PNP and PNP streams available for immigrants in Canada

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

This is one of the most popular PNP in Canada. It comes with four streams, all designed to select qualified Express Entry candidates who have varied skills. One of the streams is the Labor Market Priorities for Physicians stream. It is convenient for you if you have received a job offer to work as a doctor from the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the largest medical care provider in Nova Scotia.

Another stream under the NSNP is the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, which requires you to at least have the minimum work experience to meet various needs in the labor market. Also, you must show that you are financially capable of successfully settling in Canada.

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