If you are a foreigner or have been approved to study or work in Canada, you can now get your permit sent to you by mail.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has opened its web form to accept requests from people with a Letter of Introductions (LOIs) but don’t have a way to travel to a port of entry to claim their permits.

If you got your LOI under the International Experience Canada program, then this new measure extends to you too.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has left most applicants with LOIs in limbo. If you have been approved to study or work, you cannot get your permit unless you head over to a port of entry. This is, however, quite a problem since it is not considered essential travel. This means you can’t get your study or work permit since moving to the country to start your studies or work, even though you’ve already been approved, is yet to be considered under the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

The new process introduced by IRCC allows you to request your work or study permit online and have it mailed to you.

If you are applying for a study permit and filling out the IRCC, here’s what you should write:

A11EXAM; You will write to request an evaluation and the issuance of your study permit as an international study from within Canada. You’ll be required to provide your application number. In the form, you will be required to confirm that you’ve received your letter of introduction and indicate its date of expiry. There will be a space to indicate your addresses (residential and mailing) and your contact details

Afterward, the immigration officials will review your study permit application to verify that the name of your designated higher learning institution in the request matches with your letter of acceptance. They will also check if your school is still accepting foreign students and that their program is still available. Finally, they will have to confirm if there is even funding in the institution, living expenses, and return flight home.

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