Some PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) candidates who lost their source of income due to the pandemic have up to next year to secure new jobs and maintain their nomination.

From 17th September to 17th November, territorial and provincial jurisdictions can put on hold your PNP application if you lost work because of the novel coronavirus. You’re an eligible applicant if you submitted your application before 18th March 2020.

Canada will hold your applications up to 17th March 2021 or until you get new employment and confirmation by territory/province that your nomination is still valid. Territories and provinces have a duty to inform you that IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will hold your PNP application.

IRCC will send you an email containing details of how to provide additional paperwork after receiving the request from the territory or province. Ensure you request your application to be held via the province that’s backing your nomination. If you contact IRCC with a request that your application be placed on hold, they will redirect you to your nominating territory or province.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Most Canadian Provinces have a PNP that offers a way to permanent residence. According to IRCC’s website, PNPs are individuals who have education, work background, and education to offer a financial boost to a particular territory or province. They are people who would like to reside in the province and become Canada’s permanent residents.

All territories and provinces have their specific PNP streams that target business people, new graduates, skilled personnel in certain fields or semi-skilled staff, and so on.

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