If you are applying for a work permit, here’s what you should write;

A11EXAM: I am requesting an examination and the issuance of my work permit from within Canada. My application number is [W***]. I have received my letter of introduction, which is valid until [indicate the date accurately and in correct format]

My correct contact information in Canada is:

Telephone: (provide your cell number)

Mailing Address: (provide a physical address)

Residential Address: (indicate your current physical address)

If you’re applying, you should also include one of the following paragraphs, depending on whether you apply for an employer-specific work permit or an open work permit.

Employer-specific work permit: My employer, [provide the full names of your employer], located at [indicate your employer’s physical address], may be contacted at [contact telephone/mobile or mail] to confirm my continued employment offer. I plan to start work for this employer as soon as my work permit is received.

Openwork permit: I attest that my circumstances remain the same, and I still meet the requirements of the open work permit program I was approved for.

Afterward, the immigration department will counter check to see the employer’s names and other details against the dat in the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), or the LMIA-exempt offer to see whether they match with what an applicant have provided in your request.

Officers can also contact your employer to confirm the job offer. They may also contact you for an interview if they think it is necessary.

If the study or work permit is declined, officers must add the case notes indicating why they gave you a negative decision based on the application.

If your permit is approved, you will receive your documents by mail and finally study or work in Canada.

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