According to Canada’s latest statistics, there is a high rate of labor shortages, with 874,700 job positions being unfilled across various sectors. Job opportunities have provided foreign nationals with tremendous opportunities to migrate to Canada. However, the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic affected most sectors in Canada as restrictions on hours of working changed, distancing requirements, among other limits to curb its spread. Thus, sectors recorded an increase in job vacancies while others decreased. Therefore, this article will discuss the effect of the pandemic on job opportunities in various sectors in Canada.

Transportation and warehousing sectors

The transportation and warehousing sectors involve the transit of passengers, cargo, and storage of goods. This sector has many opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in Canada, such as; driving, sales, engineering and technology, operations, human resource, warehouse careers, supply chains, and logistics. The pandemic outbreak led to an increase in job vacancies. The Canada labor statistics data indicates that the vacancy level for this sector was 51,500 unfilled positions. The vacancy rate for the transport and warehouse sector was 6.2% in November, the highest recorded rate since October 2020.

Accommodation and food services sectors

Businesses offering accommodation and food services provide lodging or short-term housing for tourists, food and beverage services. They include hotels, motels, resorts, and industrial work camps. Accommodation and food services sectors in Canada offer job opportunities such as managerial jobs, bakers, nutritionists, chefs, culinary arts instructors, room attendants and front desk agents. Pandemics led to an 11.7% drop in jobs vacancies during November in the sector. Nevertheless, the sector posted a 9.9% vacancy rate higher than other sectors.

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