Immigrating to a new country has many challenges, like a language barrier, adapting to weather changes, and different cultures. Additionally, immigration during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic makes it more challenging. Immigration is one of the factors contributing to an increase in population. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, Canada recorded a rise in population growth compared to the other G7 countries. But why? Continue reading the article below to be enlightened more.


Immigration has been the driving force for population growth in Canada since the 1990s. The immigrants settled in Canada due to the following reasons.

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country

Among the G7 countries, Canada is the top country with immigrant-friendly policies emphasizing equal rights, opportunities, and security for newcomers. Therefore, you realize that Canada provides a good option for immigrants who wish to obtain Canadian residence. Thus, due to a simplified process with a human-friendly approach, you can go through the Canada residency application process more quickly if you have all the qualifications. In this way, Canada attracts more immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada, resulting in increased population growth.

Canada has better medical services

Canada has outstanding state-funded healthcare facilities which offer excellent medical services to people. With this in mind, more people are immigrating to Canada to become either permanent or temporary residents. As a citizen or resident of Canada, you are guaranteed not to spend massive fees to access better healthcare services. Canadian Medicare program sorts the expenses on health matters, and hence you don’t have to worry anymore about illnesses. These benefits lead to an increased population in Canada as more people become residents to reap the benefits of medical services.

Canada’s economy is growing

It looks promising to every individual when a country’s economy is growing as Canada welcomes more immigrants, the population of the country increases—increased population results in more money spent on goods, housing, and transportation. Therefore, the economy becomes more stimulated, and hence the country has solid economic security.

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