Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector consists of businesses that offer medical care services, pharmaceutical services, medical insurance and the manufacture of medical instruments. Additionally, the healthcare sector facilitates the delivery of healthcare services to patients. This sector offers professional careers, technicians, and service occupations. There was no significant change in job vacancies due to the pandemic. According to statistics, job opportunities remained at 119600, a job vacancy of 5.2%.

Construction sector

The construction sector is divided into sub-sectors: residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial. The industry involves constructing, remodeling, and maintaining houses, apartments and buildings, roads, bridges, water, and sewer systems. There are endless career opportunities in Canada linked to these sectors, such as managerial, technical, operator and general casual workers. However, with the outbreak of Pandemics, the construction sector fared well as all the construction industries exceeded their pre-pandemic employment levels. According to the research data, the employment vacancy level was 67,800, with a vacancy rate of 5.6%.

In addition, to changes in job opportunities, pandemics led to affect the workings and wages. However, Canada has shown significant economic recovery as the pandemic effect reduces.

Final Words

According to the statistics, it’s now clear that various sectors in Canada provide job opportunities. The post has enlightened you on the effect of pandemics on employment and the overall economy in Canada. The economic recovery in Canada and the increase in job opportunities show that more labor needs to be imported. However, with the emergence of the Omicron variant it is unclear how Canada’s economy will progress in the early months of 2022.

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