Canadian knowledge citizen tests have been on hold since March 14. The Canadian citizenship applicants are now requesting for their resumption, complaining of long waits with little to no updates on the application status. Many immigration processes had been halted following the service restrictions caused by the coronavirus global pandemic.

With numerous services resuming-either online or in-person, the applicants are requesting the federal government to follow suit. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRRC) says that they are considering online as an option. However, they are yet to give precise information on when it might commence. The applicants are also concerned about the integrity of the online tests.

The Canadian government requires all candidates aged 18 to 54 to take the twenty-questions test. The test is mostly written, although it can also be oral in the form of an interview in the presence of a citizenship officer. But this is determined by the IRRC depending on particular preset criteria. It encompasses everything in including culture and citizen rights and responsibilities.

The test also entails anything and everything concerning Canadian history, economy, geography, laws, and symbols. The candidates are also required to meet the physical presence requirement and prove their English and French proficiency. The current law maintains that applicants must have been physically present in Canada for three years in the preceding five years.

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