Canada is targeting to offer more permanent residence to foreign workers, international students, and asylum seekers already in the country. Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino announced that Canada is aiming to welcome over 400000 immigrants every year. He told Bloomberg that this is a three-year immigration plan and that the federal government will make a statement about it soon.

Why is the Change Necessary?

According to Mendicino, it is overly essential for Canada to explore new ways of enhancing permanent residence pathways. The coronavirus pandemic has derailed Canada’s economy due to the lower immigration levels. Therefore, enhancing immigration would go a long way in alleviating these woes and restoring Canada to a better economic state.

Owing to the decline in immigration levels, Canada has experienced a slowed population, a lower labor force, and, consequently, declined economic growth. According to government data, 2019 had seen the number of temporary residents shoot up to 19000, while the first half of 2020 has significantly decreased it to 18221.

Canada is Likely to Miss the 2020 Immigration Target.

Gauging from the current pace, Canada is most likely to welcome approximately 200000 permanent residents this year. This is very low compared to the 341000 targeted before the pandemic. It has worsened Canada’s total population growth, which was already down at 0.1 percent in the second quarter of 2020. Usually, Canada experiences a population growth of over 1 percent each year.

Immigration Will Aid in Addressing Canada’s Economic Challenges

The immigration minister believes welcoming temporary residents to apply for permanent citizenship will help address Canada’s short-term needs to address Coronavirus. He maintains that it would help respond to Canada’s long-term demographic needs, including an aging population and low birth rates. Canada has a low growth rate, and as the older population is bound to retire, it becomes overly crucial to welcome permanent immigrants. This is one of the most reliable ways to sustain the population and fill open labor force positions. The Canadian government aims to make the best use of foreign talent already in the country. International students, asylum seekers, and skilled workers will go a long way in building Canada’s economy.

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