Close to 38% of Canadians are currently working in Vancouver, and other provinces have switched careers at least once. Additionally, a third of those yet to do so are actively considering it. Many are even conducting a job search for the same.

Even though one might view this as an undisputed reflection of the high degrees in the level of career dissatisfaction in Canada, another could also say that 40% of the Canadian workforce is stable and content.

So are there careers that Canadians do not want to leave? What has been driving the career changes among the 38% of Canadians who changed career paths before?

Let’s find out!

What keeps Canadians coming back to Work?

Broadly speaking, most of the Canadians who are in the process of looking for work or a new career consider their fit with potential employers and the industry they’re likely to work in. In this context, career fit is a collective measure of;

  • An employee’s satisfaction with their current and potential wages, as well as the opportunities available for career advancement.
  • Their perceived compatibility with a company’s culture, potential co-workers, and industry values.

Complications for Career Change in this Job Market

With this in mind, would it make sense that only 13% of the currently employed adults report being happy with their job, employer, and industry? Clearly, there is a breakdown somewhere that we aren’t seeing.

Statistics further disagrees with the reasons that keep Canadians coming back to work because it shows that close to 80% of the Canadian workforce is feeling some level of insecurity about whether or not they’re on the right career path.

That said, research also indicates that many Canadians invest in specialized education as a mediation factor and a buffer for career dissatisfaction, which, as a result, leads to a career change.

The most visible opportunities of the Canadian working adult to increase satisfaction through promotion might keep junior employees motivated to show up at work and continue in the same career track that wasn’t satisfying for them from the beginning.

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