Canada is known world around to be a very welcoming and hospitable country. The Canadian people are warm and receptive towards migrants from other nations and most Canadian cities are hence culturally and ethnically diverse. Though Canadian values are the primary reason for this attitude, a major chunk of credit is also due to Canadian policymakers. The Canadian officials have great belief in the powers of diversity and inclusion. In an era where so many other countries are averse to accept and include people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and value systems; Canada’s attitude is so refreshing. As per estimates, Canada is expecting 1 million migrants every year from now through 2020! But how and why will these people get there? The answer to this question is the Express Entry system designed by the government. Haven’t heard about it? Never mind! Here’s everything you need to know about the Express Entry system and what to expect from and about it in 2018.


First things first, the Express Entry system is a system that accepts and processes Canadian permanent residency applications. It is NOT an immigration program. The system was first brought into implementation in January 2015. Though the immigration authorities took some time to accept and adjust to it, it is now utilized at its optimum and applications are now being processed at breakneck speed!

This system manages 3 different merit-based programs to ensure that only the best and most deserving applicants get an invitation to come to the country.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW):

This program is meant for highly skilled workers who are proficient and educated in English or French. The program aims to include them in Canada’s workforce and hence younger applicants are usually preferred over the older ones. This program does not require applicants to have any Canadian connections with respect to education, work experience or Canadian relatives. Foreign nationals thus stand a great chance to be integrated into the country’s workforce through this program.

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