According to a recent report by CGTN America, Canada is becoming the chosen destination for several tech personnel from across the globe, thanks to immigration restrictions by the American government.

Canada is also making it easier for more tech workers to move to her shores and satisfy the labor-demand in her thriving tech industry. There are more than 100 alternatives for any technician who need s a work permit or permanent residence in Canada.

Immigration Options for Tech Personnel

Express Entry

Express Entry is the most significant Canada immigration pathway for tech workers. It charges zero fees for tech workers to submit their profiles to the IRCC( Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) website. IRCC then awards a CRS (comprehensive ranking system) score depending on a human capital method that entails the applicant’s education .language skills, work history, and age.

Each fortnight, IRCC conducts Express Entry draws that allow applicants with outstanding CRS scores to submit their permanent residence applications.

Despite the novel coronavirus, Express Entry draws have remained constant since Canada is adhering to her 2020-2022 immigration plan. The number of approved applicants have increased and the IRCC recently held one of its largest Express Entry draw.

Applicants from outside Canada have had successful applications through Express entry since IRCC wants to boost Canada immigration in the post-COVID19 scenario.

Technology employees are the leading number of successful applicants through Express entry since Canada awards high CRS scores for tech workers.

Are you a technical employee who has not resided in Canada before? You qualify for express entry via FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program). However, you need to meet or exceed the minimum approval criteria and garner not less than 67 points.

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