Despite welcoming new 13,645 permanent immigrants in July 2020, this is a comparatively low number because July is among Canada’s busiest immigration months.

Based on the yearly analysis, Canada’s 2020 July intake of permanent residence is sixty-three percent lower than 2019’s July intake. Canada welcomed 36,615 permanent residents last year.

Canada absorbs the highest figures of permanent residents every July. This is because July is one of Canada’s summer months and immigrants intend to enroll their kids in school before Canada’s late August and early-September academic year.

This year Canada’s July intake is also lower than 19, 200 immigrants welcomed during June 2020. Remember, the June 2020 intake is Canada’s highest PR level figure after the novel coronavirus was termed as a pandemic mid-March. In the first half of the year, Canada assimilated 11,000 immigrants during May and 4000 in April.

Due to the pandemic, Canada PR absorption decreased in April due to her travel restrictions and other COVID-19 related hiccups such as approved Immigrants unable to book flights to Canada.

Note that approved PR applicants can legally move to Canada irrespective of travel bans. For instance, COPR (confirmation of permanent residence) holders who acquired their COPR during or before March 18, 2020, are eligible to immigrate to Canada.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 origin countries of immigrants;

  • 3195 were from India
  • 870 from China
  • 865 from Philippines
  • 640 from Pakistan
  • 555 from Nigeria
  • 515 from Morocco
  • 405 from Iran
  • 405 from United States of America
  • 335 from Algeria
  • And 290 came from France

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