While the Canadian border is to be closed for another month to non-essential travel, there are changes to ease the restriction to family members. The Canadian government recently announced that it is planning to facilitate the entry of immediate and extended family members into the country on compassionate grounds. As of October 8th, Canada will start to open up its border and let through extended family members of Canadians and those traveling for compassionate reasons to enter the country.

Here’s a list of those who will qualify to come to Canada

  • If you have been in an exclusive dating relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least a year, and if you have spent time in the physical presence of your partner during the relationship. The sweetest part of this provision is that it extends to dependent children of Canadians and PRs.
  • If your parents (both or one) are Canadians and you are 22 years or above, but you are yet to be a dependent child.
  • Grandchildren to Canadian citizens.
  • Siblings including half, adopted, and stepsiblings.
  • Grandparents with children or grandchildren residing in Canada.

Suppose you are any of the people listed. In that case, you will not need an essential reason [Canadian department of immigration came up with a guided policy to allow people providing essential services into the country] to come to Canada as long as you will be staying in the country for at least 15 days and meet the existing eligibility and admissibility requirements. Here a list of things you will need to do or have:

Provide the required documentation to IRCC at entry point. This includes a completed and duly signed statutory declaration form that proves the applicant has met the definition of an “extended family member” of a Canadian;

Travel with a valid passport and other travel documents such as a visitor’s visa or electronic travel authorization;

Have written approval from IRCC to travel to Canada as an extended family member.

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