Canada’s ranking in its quality of life aspect just went up in 2020, and the situation was occasioned by the sound political climate and its developed public health care services keen on satisfying the people’s needs over the years.
People from around the world took part in the survey, and for the fifth straight year, Canada ranked top when it came to the quality of life.

Different countries took part in the survey, and out of these, Canada topped in various aspects and appeared among the top ten in other aspects, which gave it an improved overall ranking from the previous years, confirming its investments and sound regulations in different sectors of its economy. For instance, Canada became number one for its sound political environment and number two for its top job market that ensures almost equal opportunity for all its citizens. Besides, the country ranked fourth when it came to its public education system that provides quality and accessibility for all its citizens. Canada also ranked top among countries with the best health care system among the 73 countries surveyed.

The 2020 report stemmed from the US News and World Report, which surveyed 20548 people to give their views on the 73 countries in the report. The survey touched on nine different aspects, which were finally weighted and an overall score given to each state that participated. These factors include:

1. Adventure
2. Movers
3. Power
4. Open for business
5. Heritage
6. Quality of life
7. Citizenship
8. Cultural influence
9. Entrepreneurship

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