Two Reasons Why New Immigrants To Canada Should Go For Jobs In Smaller Cities

Canada with unemployment rate of five point seven percent is desperate for employees but due to an aging population they can only rely on new qualified immigrants to feel these positions. However, new immigrants tend to flock to major cities like Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, where they quickly realize that life is a bit steep.

Their only option then becomes to find a better region to start off their new life. Since guaranteed employment opportunity is the main incentive for a new immigrant, some of the places in Canada where unemployment rate is below 5% include:

  • Quebec City in Quebec with 3.5%.
  • Brantford in Ontario with 3.8%.
  • Victoria in British Columbia with 3.4%.
  • Sherbrooke in Quebec with 4.7%.
  • Ottawa-Gatineau in Ontario and Quebec with 4.4%.
  • Hamilton in Ontario with 4.5%.
  • Catherines-Niagara in Ontario with 4.8%.
  • Kelowna in British Columbia with 4.2%.
  • Abbotsford-Mission in British Columbia with 4.9%.

Outlined below are some of the reasons why a new immigrant should consider going for jobs in smaller towns in Canada.

Low cost of living of smaller towns in Canada

A new immigrant is not yet economically stable and they probably don’t have a roof over their head and so it’s impossible for them to rent apartments that go for $1800 in big urban areas like Vancouver. It makes more sense for a new immigrant to go for a two-bedroom apartment in a place like Trois-Rivieres where the rent is $600.

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