Now is the opportune time for an experienced truck driver to apply for a work visa to Canada because chances of being accepted are a little more than 80 percent. There is a severe shortage of long-haul truck drivers in Canada and it is predicted that the number will triple to nearly 50,000 vacancies in three years’ time.

Benefits of being a long-haul truck driver

The average pay per hour for this role is about $25 and due to the increasing job vacancies, the figure is predicted to shoot to $32 an hour. A typical truck driver will work about 168 hours from a 12-hour shift for 14 days and still enjoy a three day off.

Entry level drivers are set to earn $40,000 plus annually while their experienced colleagues pocket more than $64,000 per twelve months. When bonuses are included the figures simply skyrocket.

The average age of the current workforce is late 40s and above, meaning a younger driver is able to work more and earn even better.

The responsibilities of such a long haul truck driver include:

  • Logging of travel information such as fuel used, distance travelled and cargo data onto an on-board computer. This is an easy task considering the advancement in technology that automates the recoding of such information.
  • Use designated communication devices to talk to colleagues and dispatcher.
  • Acquire permits to drive cargo through international routes.
  • Be able to handle emergency roadside repairs.
  • Manage the safety and security of both the vehicle and the cargo.
  • The ability to operate a four and a half tonne multi-axle truck to transport cargo to places.

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