If you are considering working as a Tree Planter in Canada and you think you have what it takes to get the job done, there are some aspects to be considered. Here are the details to know about a Tree Planters job.

Job Requisites

Tree planting is one of the most strenuous forms of manual labor and a tree planter has to work under tough conditions. The job involves walking 16-17 km per day, planting up to 1,600 trees while carrying a bag of saplings that weighs up to 50 lbs. The energy expended on the job every day is equivalent to running a rather tough marathon. Additionally, the planter is expected to dig soil, plant a sapling, and repeat the process over and over again, day in and day out for up to 10 hours every day. It is generally a 4 day work week with a one day break rota.

The scheme for payment generally revolves around getting paid for every sapling you plant and it is fair to say that the more hard work you put in the more financial rewards you reap. Often times tree planting crew members compete among each other to plant the most trees and pick up the highest earnings and the working atmosphere often drives you to do better.

Getting paid for every tree planted means a tree planter needs to stick to the task for more than a few weeks to make a significant earning and working for more than one season can be very financially rewarding. Also a planter is required to buy planting equipment himself or herself and doing a substantial amount of planting can easily cover those costs and leave you with more to take home. Payment depends primarily on the contract the planter signs up with Brinkham but there is the basic rate of CAD 0.11 per tree, which is about £95 per day if you plant 1,600 trees.

Being a tree planter means living in camps and moving on to the next designated area to plant even more saplings. Basic food is provided at the camps though the camps are in remote areas with little means of transportation to the nearest town or city except in times of emergencies.

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