Involved Costs

  • Two way tickets to Canada and back often cost about 800-1000 pounds however one can make a saving by booking well in advance and availing of tickets for as little as 500 pounds. As required by the Working Holiday Visa; a prospective tree planter must have sufficient funds to return to his or her home country on completion of the working contract and one might even need to prove this upon arriving in Canada.
  • A tree planter’s Working Holiday Visa under the International Experience Canada scheme; cost around £85 (CAD 150).
  • ACRO Police Certification can set you back by £45.
  • Travel insurance can set you back by £240 which is the approximate amount based on four months in Canada. The amount may vary depending on provider, level of cover, and length of stay. It is for you to make sure that insurance covers your line of work.
  • Living expenses can go up to £1370 (CAD 2500). These funds will mainly go into to supporting yourself for the first three months of your stay. It could be required of you to provide proof of these funds in the form of a bank statement showing sufficient monetary reserves at your arrival in Canada. Your bank statement may not be older than one week prior to your departure. One should be aware that the quoted sum is as required by visa stipulations and one may require even more money after researching cost of living, food and accommodation costs in Canada; bearing in mind your line of work.
  • Equipment costs can go up to £300-600 (CAD 500-1000) as per information provided by Brinkman for how much planters would be required to spend on their equipment before commencing work. Workers are advised not to rely on being able to obtain equipment at the camp. Brinkham will provide a complete guide on what is required and what is provided to successful applicants, this will include camping equipment, planting bags and shovels, and hard-wearing bags and clothes. It is possible to significantly reduce equipment costs by buying most of the equipment and gear in Canada before commencing work (particularly the planting equipment), rather than traveling with it.


  • Prospective tree planters can apply for a Working Holiday Visa under the International Experience Canada (IEC) scheme, intended for 18-30 year olds who want to travel in Canada and find temporary employment during their stay. More information on the subject is available on the Government of Canada website.
  • It is important to note that there is a limit to the amount of spaces offered under this scheme at the beginning of each year. This visa allows you to stay and find temporary employment in the country and you may need to apply in advance to fit into the intended quota for Working Holiday Visa holders.
  • Applying for at ACRO requires a police background check certification in your home country.


• You will require a passport which is valid at least three months past the date you intend to return. If the visa is a year the passport will need to be valid for 15 months.

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