Since the outbreak of COVID-19, immigration numbers in Canada experienced a sharp decline in recent months. Despite the impact on the immigration sector, the city of Toronto has remained persistent to welcome even more immigrants after the pandemic. The city has significantly benefited from immigration since it began accepting foreigners. Last year, for instance, the Metropolitan Toronto recorded nearly 130,000 new residents within 12 months as of July 1, 2019.

Intrinsically, Toronto remains the fastest growing city in the region outdoing other major cities both in Canada and the United States. The growth is often felt in the municipalities of the Greater Toronto Area due to immigration. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington came second after Toronto with 120,000 new immigrants.

Top Reasons Why Immigrants Prefer Toronto Over Other Cities

Immigrants are often attracted to prolific opportunities to better their lives. Some of these factors include settlement support, jobs, desirable communities, and infrastructure. Toronto thrives in offering such needs that attracts many immigrants from different nationalities. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the following are some of the reasons why immigrants are attracted to Toronto.

Opportunities for Jobs

Foreign skilled workers in tech have multiple methods to earn their Canadian permanent residence and migrate to Canada. One way is through submitting a profile under the Express Entry system. With a dynamic technology system in Toronto, many tech mavens wind up in the city through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Tech Draws.

Besides, Canada provides the Global Talent Stream, which includes a two-week processing standard for worthy employers seeking prospective foreigners proficient in the tech sector. Toronto seems to create even more tech jobs, especially after the city was recognized as a “brain gain” in the 2019 Scoring Talent report. Besides the tech industry, Toronto also consists of other productive sectors, such as finance and health, that offer various job opportunities.

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