For centuries, the Great White North has offered excellent Canadian foods ranging from delicious centuries-old soups to decadent desserts. If you visit Canada, here are the top Canadian dishes to try and the eateries you will find them.


Small towns in Quebec claim to have invented poutine outlandish and authoritative dishes back in the 1950s. The dish is among the many culinary gems from French Canada made from peppery meat-based gravy and curbs on fries. Many Canadian restaurants offer Poutine dishes and include all other eateries with fries on the menu. McDonald’s and Smoke’s Poutineries are among the places to find these delicious poutines.


Graham Hooker’s family introduced the unique taste of BeaverTail to the public in 1978 despite being in the family for years. The following year, the family opened up the first BeaverTails eatery in Ottawa to share the taste. Topped up with Nutella, sugar and other sweets, the restaurant has remained the sole provider of BeaverTails.

3.”Canadian” Pizza

The “Canadian” pizza resembles the Germany pizzeria but with quite a fresh taste and creative toppings. Unlike the American-style and Italian-style pizza, the Canadian pizza includes various flavors including Cronenberg Crash and the Wayne Gretzky. The pizza completes with maple as complimentary toppings. Ron Telesky’s, located in Kreuzberg in Berlin, is the best restaurant to enjoy the Canadian pizza.

4.Butter Tarts

The 19th century gave Canada this delectable and exemplary dish available in different bakeries and coffee shops around Ontario. Butter tarts are cooked from the mix of the delicate and creamy center of butter, sugar, and egg mixture. If you visit Toronto, get you butter tarts at Baker Sisters and in different bakeries in the city. You can also find some in rural Kenilworth, Ontario, and Kawartha Lakes City.

5.Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon commonly referred to as “peameal bacon” is lean pork loin brined and rolled in cornmeal. The idea originated from the exportation of pork to England, rolled in yellow peas for preservation that led to cornmeal. Carousel Bakery in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market is the leading eatery for Canadian bacon sandwiches.

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