Working from home is no longer a reserve for some people. COVID 19 has made it necessary to work from home on a full-time basis. Employees and managers now realize their perception of working from home might be far from reality.

What workers think they know about working from home can hinder their productivity and efficiency while increasing avoidable frustrations. Dr. Golden exposes the biggest myths about working from home and offers to advise on the positive habits and practices during covid-19 and in the future based on his two decades of research.

Productivity and supervision are still strong on remote teams.

One of the biggest myths for employers is difficulty in managing remote workers. Dr. Golden advises that with an electronic standpoint supervising remote employees should not be something to worry about. A research conducted on the productivity of remote working indicates that employees work for longer hours and periods when working from home. They also have lesser interruptions. Dr. Golden recommends managers to focus less on productivity and concentrate more on supporting workers to strike a balance between work and home life.

It is possible to create strong teams remotely. Communicating through email, short video meetings, and other modern means creates close relationships and productivity, just like working together on normal circumstances would do. Golden recommends managers to create a few minutes of casual talk at the beginning or end of meetings with their teams to mimic the normal meetings. It makes employees feel connected.

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