The origin of caeser dates back to 1969 when Calgary restaurant manager Walter Chell came with its primary ingredients. The dish is made from Clamato juice, vodka, salted rim, and Worchester. Over the years, it has become one of the best cocktails offered by Vancouver restaurant as a meal. Score on Davie also offers this dish decorated with full roast chicken, cheeseburger, or roasted vegetables and brownie.

7.Split Pea Soup

Ottawa chef Marc Miron researched and invented the recipe for split pea soup over 400 years ago. Explorers used cured meat and dried pea to eat as food along their journey. Together with the vegetables cultivated, it created a new recipe that led to split pea soup people enjoy today. If you need a taste split pea soup, Cuisine & Passion in Orleans, Ontario, is the best place to be.

8.Nanaimo Bars

Though not evident, Nanaimo bars recipe became public in 1952 from the book, The Ladies Auxiliary to the Nanaimo General Hospital that led to the cookbook titled “Nanaimo Bar.” Nanaimo bars are vibrant tri-layered dessert bars comprising of crumb mixture, melted chocolate, and vanilla-flavored butter icing. Head to Nanaimo city and enjoy these desserts made from the finest recipes.


Tourtiere is the deep-rooted French Canadian foods dating back to 1600, getting its name from the vessel it baked in. The ingredients making up this dish include ground pork, beef, a sprinkling of herbs and germs as well as veal or game. In coastal areas, the group pork is substituted with groundfish. Tourtiere is mostly consumed during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Aux Anciens Canadiens, located in Quebec City, is a renowned restaurant specializing in preparing tourtiere.


Closing the list is the Canadian slathering ketchup grilled with cheese and tomato flavor combinations. Though it is not much of a dish, ketchup is a popular saucer flavored by Lay, making it one the best snacks in Canada. Ketchup is offered around the country whenever you go for your dinner.

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