The IELTS also known as the International English Language Training system is one of the most common means by which nations and academic institutions assess the language and comprehension skills of individuals who are applying there. It is a standardized test that has been conducted for many years.

Why do you need to take this exam?

There are an array of reasons why taking this assessment is an absolute must. These reasons are as follows.

  • The Canadian government prefers to hire those individuals who are fluent in English. Apart from English they also give extra credit to those who are fluent in French as well.
  • Being fluent in English will enable people applying for jobs to get them more easily. Companies like to employ people who have a good control over grammar and have commendable comprehension skills as well.
  • Attaching scores of the test with your application will automatically give you an edge over other individuals around you.

What are the pros and cons of taking this test?


  • Helps giving applicants a considerable edge
  • There is plenty of study material available
  • A good command over the language will yield good scores
  • The test is well conducted and multi-faceted

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