Canada is the best choice when it comes to immigration because it welcomes foreign workers with open arms as they add value to the economic prosperity of the country. Every year, close to 100,000 foreign workers come to Canada for jobs in specific occupations. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers in certain businesses which compels the employers to seek talented foreign nationals who can fill those positions and do those jobs.

Temporary job application

Any foreign national who is willing to work in Canada needs to have an Open work permit. If you want a work permit, you need to check whether you are eligible for it or not. Some of the general eligibility requirements are as follows:

– You need to provide proof to an officer that you will Canada on the expiry of the work permit.

– You have to provide documents of your financial status to show that you have enough money to sustain yourself and your family members for the duration of your stay in Canada and for returning home.

– You should not have a criminal background and you must obey the rules of the country.

– Your medical results should be positive.

– You should not be a threat to the security of Canada.

– You should not have a plan of working for employers who are not considered to be eligible by the Canadian government.

– You need to provide all the required documents to the immigration officer to gain entry into Canada.

In case an employer provides you a job offer, you require an employer-specific work permit to immigrate to Canada. The employer has to go for LMIA to check whether the hiring of a temporary foreign worker will affect the Canadian labor market and economy adversely or not. Only if it is found that there is no Canadian worker who can meet the requirements, the LMIA document is provided to the employer for hiring the foreign worker by Service Canada.

The employer can forward the LMIA number to the worker so that he can get a work permit. An employer can hire temporary workers through the TFWP or IMP, both of which are employment programs for foreigners. Temporary work permits can be extended and converted into permanent residence permits quickly.

You can apply for an Open work limit online and pay the processing fees. The employer-based work permit is automatically issued by the Canadian Immigration department after a positive LMIA letter is given.

Permanent job application

There are Express Entry programs for each of the provinces for providing faster immigration facilities to workers. There are plenty of opportunities for workers to fill in the gaps in the skilled labor market. The four main immigration programs for permanent workers include:

– The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

– The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

– The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

– Some Provincial Nominee Programs

For the FSWP, a candidate must have one year’s work experience in qualified skilled work. He must have a high school degree and ECA report. Proficiency in either English or French is mandatory. It is a points based system.

The FSTP has similar eligibility requirements like the FSWP with the addition of a full time job offer for a year which the candidate must have from an employer and a two years work experience.

The CEC requires the worker to have one year’s full time job experience in Canada and valid language test results.

The Provincial Nominee Programs provide Express Entry to foreign workers if the applications are accepted.

This shows that there are many ways in which foreign workers can apply for or can be hired for temporary or permanent jobs in Canada.