The target of the Federal government by 2021 is to welcome over a million immigrants, and this is the primary reason the Canadian government is investing heavily in childcare to ensure that the future generations are safe and secure. The government is investing millions in the project, and for example, British Columbia alone received about $500-million to hire new teachers, but the labor shortage is still a big problem. This is good tidings to skilled workers all over the world, who have a dream of working in Canada as early childhood educators. Canada is the best place for childhood educators especially considering that the Canadian teachers are among the best-paid teachers in the world

Could you have studied early childhood education and maybe you have not yet secured a job? You are then the right kind of person that Canada needs. With the growing need for early childhood educators, the Canadian Government is determined to ensure safety and secure future for children and families living in the country. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with qualifications and passion for early childhood education.

What is an early childhood educator?

Early childhood educators have quite a wide spectrum of job titles. Their position within the school system will vary from early childhood education workers to preschool supervisors, or they can even hold the status of early childhood supervisors. The average salary per year for early childhood education is $34000, and this makes it an ideal job for fresh graduates beginning in education.

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