Steps to Make if you Want to Live In Canada

Are you in need of residency in Canada, to work and to enjoy what the place has to offer? Do you have experience in the tech world, then Ontario City is looking for people like you.

The country has recently completed a draw, which will guarantee residency for about 954 people, with experience in the computer science field. All these activities took place on January 15 to ensure that Ontario has the tech skills to push its technological agenda and position among other world cities.

Skills decide the people who receive Notifications of Interest (NOI) after the draw. Therefore, you will need to take part in a skill test for any consideration. Contestants receive notifications of their scores in the test following their excellent performance, as those that do not never get a chance to know how they performed. You will have to manage a score of between 460 to 472 points to increase your chances of becoming a Canadian Citizen.

The scores make up the more significant part of acceptance into Canada. Other things that will increase your chances include your knowledge and experience in different fields such as media development(NO2174), computer Engineering(NO 2147), Database engineering(NOC 0213) and computer engineering(NOC 2147). The greater your skills, the higher the chances that you will get to the next level.

The program is set to bridge the skill gap in bigger cities all over Canada, including Waterloo, Ottawa and Toronto, all of which want you to form a part of their project.

To have a chance into the program, you will have to make a profile and register yourself under the Federal Skilled Worker department in Canada. You will then be given a score that will portray your age, skills and finally, your comprehension of the language, either English or French proficiency.

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