The recent Canada Labour force survey has some impressive figures in regards to gains made on employment. The provinces of Quebec and Ontario are leading the pack.
There was an increase of 57000 employees in the private sector as of December. This increase helped counter the effects of a decline in December. The main sectors that had positive gains include food services and construction.

Notably, there were minor changes in other sectors. The report further notes that the 25000 increase in food services and accommodation was as a result of positive gains in Quebec.
The provinces of Ontario and British Columbia added a total of 17,000 jobs, mainly due to an increase in construction. The figures reveal an increase of 320,000 jobs on the period of December 2018 and 2019. These figures paint an increase in the rate of employment.

The surge gained momentum in the three quarters due to increases in full-time employment, which saw the economy grow. During this time, there was an increase of 283,000 workers. There was a decline in the rate of unemployment in the same year at 5.4% in May when compared to 5.6% in December 2018.

Increase in employment figures in provinces

Ontario had an increase of 2500 new employees, with more people taking up full-time employment. These gains were present in public administration and construction industries
The figures stood at 243,000 in comparison to December 2018. Full-time employment accounted for 227,000. The most notable sectors were technical services, health care, professional, social assistance, and scientific services. Few people took up jobs in manufacturing.

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