How do tech draws function

The immigration streams control these tech draws. The streams search for the OINP systems when considering suitable candidates. Therefore, you do not need to make a job offer to get your name into the immigration stream database.

Draws work to give you a chance to become a citizen and build the economy of Canada, the only catch being your qualification aspect that depends on your computer skills. In addition, you must prove your experience, which usually must go beyond one year. This ensures you understand what you are doing when you finally get the job.

Different bodies are in place to make sure you meet the skills threshold. One of these bodies is the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

A classical example

To give you a preview of the process below is an example, which will show you how the recruitment system works.

Ram wants to work in Canada; he is 32 years of age and possesses a master’s degree in Computer Science. In addition, he is a web developer and has been working for more than three years in his native country.

His IELTS score reached 8 points in every category. The express competition gave a chance for Ram to enter the draw, which saw him score 462 points, putting him in the pool of eligible candidates.

On January 15, he got a notification from the Ontario Capital Priority Stream, a system that verifies and notifies the suitable candidates. A second follow up application will push up his scores to 1062, a score that will give him a chance to make a formal application for permanent Canadian residency.

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