Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market and employment have faced several challenges. Though people are uncertain about what will happen after COVID, they can’t wait for things to go back to normal. In this blog post, we combine several job trends, and even though they vary between different sectors, from skilled to white-collar workers, the information is useful. If there weren’t COVID-19, job trends would change over the globe. Those with high rates of employments were the first to get affected. Hospitality, construction and the retail sector are among affected areas. When you take a closer look at these sectors, employees can’t work from home, and this led to layoffs.

Below are job trends likely to be consistent post-COVID-19 with a possible rise in employment rates.

Healthcare workers

The healthcare worker is an essential member, especially in the fight against the coronavirus. It is a valued position due to its flexibility since one can work full time or part-time. One can also choose a job, depending on the field of specialty. After what has happened in the last four months, many countries have found the need for more health workers. A health worker can relocate whenever an opportunity arises. In Canada, the visa application for skilled individuals is smooth.

Sales Associates

It might come as a shock, but believe me, sales associates jobs are the most sought after people in the market. Sales associates are known as salespeople in remote areas and, they act as faces of the company they are advertising. In isolation, people have embarked on working as salespeople in the remote area. There’s flexibility for people working in this sector, hence increasing the need for this job.

Long haul drivers

If drivers didn’t exist, most lives would fall apart; for this reason, drivers don’t get the credit they deserve. Many countries have a truck driver shortage, and Canada is among those countries. According to Canadian Visa, an immigrant going in as a driver will smoothly get a visa.

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