The Manufacturing sector is among sectors with an increase in unemployment. Post-COVID, there will be an increased need for specialized individuals to help start-up operations. Those in the manufacturing and machinist sector should brace themselves for good times ahead.

Business Development Manager

The business development manager job is a white-collar job currently on demand, according to Randstad. Those experienced in sales and have a passion for creating and maintaining relationships, growth plans, and team management should consider this position. The best thing about this position is its flexibility and combination of creativity and implementation. It’s a different sector since few sectors offer both opportunities.

COVID-19 can affect many jobs but not the need for business development managers who will be on-demand. Post COVID-19, people with fresh ideas will be on-demand.

Final Thoughts

In Canada, most people have lost jobs since April. There is no hope for sectors recovering post-Corona Virus. For this reason, there is a need for people to know areas likely to have employment opportunities. The job trends above will help those who lost jobs due to the pandemic plan themselves in the next post. Preparing for the future is strange, but there are a lot of opportunities. Those experienced in any field should make their resume as early as today to avoid the last-minute rush. You never know where you land. Keep trying your luck, and don’t lose hope.

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